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Reroofing in Durham and the Nearby Areas
A Full Service from Your Local Roofing Company

Is your roof plagued with problems? Are there visible signs of damage or are you constantly having to call out a roofer for repairs? Maybe your roof is looking tired and worn and you want to refresh the look of your property? Rob Little Roofing Ltd can help with all these circumstances and more. Our roofing company provides a comprehensive reroofing service for domestic and commercial customers in Birtley, Durham, Washington and the surrounding areas.

Covering the replacement of pitched and flat roofs, we meet the needs of every client, no matter how big or small the job. To ensure you receive the right services, every project starts with a site survey where we inspect your roof and make an assessment. Our time-served roofers will then make recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

If you roof is in reasonable condition and any damage is not too serious, you may only need roof repairs rather than a full replacement. We will always be honest about the best, most cost-effective solutions so you can be confident about making the right decision for your home or commercial premises.

The Process

When replacing your roof, our roofing company works efficiently to minimise disruption and have your property back to normal as quickly as possible. Our reroofing service covers everything you need to return your property to a safe, functional condition with a fully watertight roof. This includes:

  • Erection of scaffolding

    Removal and disposal of old roofing materials

  • Supply of new roofing materials

  • Installation of a new breathable membrane

    Professional installation of new slate, tile or flat roofing

  • Installation of new gutters, fascias and soffits

If you have a flat roof, we may be able to add another layer over the existing roof. This is quicker and cheaper than removing and replacing the existing roof. When it comes to pitched roofs, you have the option to replace slates or tiles with a matching product or choose a new look for your property.
Slate reroofs come with a 10-year product and workmanship guarantee.

Building Regulations

As a reputable roofing company, Rob Little Roofing Ltd ensures all reroofs in Durham, Washington and the surrounding areas comply with relevant building regulations. In most cases, reroofing will need building regulations approval. This is because if you are replacing more than 25% of the roof, thermal insulation will normally need to be improved.

If replacing a pitched roof with a different material, you are likely to need building regulations approval to make sure the roof will have adequate structural stability. It will also need to meet requirements for fire safety and energy efficiency. If the new roof material is much heavier or lighter than the original, it may be necessary to modify or strengthen the roof structure.

Of course, all our roofs also meet regulations and standards regarding things like weather resistance, fire resistance and ventilation.

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